Mastermind Group

The mastermind is a group of payment processing professional who all understand the importance of marketing, positioning and staying ahead of the competition.

Information is the most valuable resource in the world and being able to tap into the knowledge of what's working for your peers is just one of the many benefits of the group.

How is it structured?

It's a monthly conference meeting held virtually via skpe and private chat rooms. The group consists of no more than 10 people at any given time so that no one gets lost in the shuffle and everyone can maximize the return for time and money spent.

Who's in the group?

It's comprised of folks who are all working together to market services in the payment processing space. Some have backgrounds in marketing while others came from operational or technology roles.

No matter your background, you  must posses a determination to contribute to the group and bring valuable marketing and business insight and be willing to share.

If you feel the mastermind is right for you, please click on the button below and fill out the application. You will be contacted upon application review with further instructions.

Mastermind Group - $1,997/mo

$697 - $1997

One-On-One  and Group Coaching Program(s)

We are not accepting new applications for the mastermind group at this time.

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