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"Would You Like Me To Design a Custom Lead Generation Marketing Plan For You... For Free?"

From: Brian Manning
October 2015

Dear Fellow Bankcard Professional,

If you want to grow your portfolio and increase the number of merchant account deals your doing each month, then you need to have steady lead flow.

If you're looking to increase lead flow in your business, I'll show you how!

Here's How It Works

I have set aside some time to do a free "blueprint session" where I meet with you one-on-one (via GoToMeeting) and actually design a marketing campaign that will generate new leads for your merchant account business.

I will build the plan with you, and then give you the blueprint, for free.

I don't care if you're brand-new to the payment processing industry or you've been at it for years, if you're struggling to find structure in your lead generation system, having this plan will most certainly help.

If you like the blueprint and it makes sense to you, I'll tell you how to start working with me to implement the plan!

We'll Build The Plan Together

It's important for me to learn about your business first, which is why this needs to be one-one-one.

I'll analyze your current system(s) and from there I'll tweak a couple things and start designing your plan.

Everything is going to be custom built for your business so that it's unique to YOU.

There Is NO Charge For This Meeting
(It really is Free!)

I know you're looking for the catch, but there really isn't one.

In effort to "lay it all out there" I'll just tell you why I'm offering to do all this work for free.

You see, I've struggled before and I know without a doubt that there are a lot of agents out there that could benefit from the marketing knowledge that I have.

Simply put, when I show people the blueprint, most of them ask me to implement it for them and we end of working together in one way or another.

So that's my "hidden" motivation for doing this which isn't really hidden anymore cause I just told you ­čÖé

and furthermore,

You'll Get No Pressure From Me

Really!  None of any sort!

I absolutely hate talking people into something they don't want to do so if the blueprint that I lay out for you doesn't work for you, NO PROBLEM.

You can go on your way and explore some other options and stay tuned for some of the free training videos to come.

But I know it will work, because it's worked for hundreds of others!

If you'd like to go through the free Blueprint Session with me, Enter Your Name and Email address below and we'll get started.

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