The 17 Best Merchant Account Referral Sources


During the training...

  • You'll discover a systematic selling formula for attracting your ideal high-paying clients who know the value of what you're offering, and are preconditioned to know, like and trust you!
  • You'll learn how to build authority positioning and get people to refer business to YOU instead of chasing down leads and trying to "sell" people who don't have any interest in your service.
  • You'll learn about a case study where ONE simple relationship turned into 5 new clients and $3,200/month WITHOUT a typical sales meeting or doing any traditional prospecting whatsoever!
  • You'll learn how to take the normal industry mentality of "sell-sell-sell" and flip it upside down so you don't have to work as hard.
  • You'll learn the right way to approach clients which is way more profitable so you don't get the normal sales pressure resistance from your prospects.
  • You'll find out how to eliminate the price and cost objections that you may be getting right now and turn it into a situation where prospects are happy to buy from your and stay with you for years!
  • You'll learn how to build a huge prospect list and automate your follow up process making it possible to reach more clients, and work less hours by leveraging the internet and custom follow campaigns.
  • You'll learn how to rise above the rest and crush the competition while being seen as a superior solution in the eyes of your prospects!

EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION: These training webinars always in high demand and spaces are sometimes limited due to technological limitations. This highly valuable merchant account sales and marketing training information cannot be found anywhere else. Do not miss this, reserve your spot now.