6 Week Interactive Training

Our training programs are completed both in a one-on-one and group coaching format and you must be accepted into the program. This page will outline the course material that is covered in most of our training but please note that the training is subject to change at any given time.

Our training programs are completed both in a one-on-one and group coaching format and you must be accepted into the program. This page will outline the course material that is covered in most of our training but please note that the training is subject to change at any given time.

MODULE 1 - Mindset and Motivation

We'll show you how to think differently and position yourself correctly to gain the advantage over your competition. Too many salespeople position themselves as nothing more than a commodity broker of products and services and that’s the surefire way to fail.

In module 1 you’ll find out the right way position yourself to your prospects so that you are seen as an authority instead of just a salesperson.

  • 'Show Me The Way' Roadmap

    We’ll show you how successful businesses are built in the merchant account industry and how you can take the same strategies and implement them for yourself. The roadmaps are literal step-by-step guidelines on sales and marketing processes that have been proven to work.

  • Trusted Expert Positioning

    This is where you overcome the price only sales mentality. We don’t doing cost comparison analysis or leading at all with a price conversation. Our methods build value by aligning yourself with referral partners and trusted sources so that you can easily close more deals.

  • Mindset Resources

    This ever so important element is touched on in the beginning and reinforced throughout the course because of it’s importance. The proper mindset always gives you an edge over the competition.

MODULE 2 - Mechanics

The complete outline on how to use the sales office tools and access to a video library that outlines every component of deal submission. This is the general how to section that teaches you the basics of managing your portfolio after the deals start pouring in.

Materials that will be included in module 2 are:

  • Video Library

    Learn how to navigate Copilot (our proprietary merchant management tool) – and learn the details of filling out applications and submit deals for approval.

  • 'Deal Jackets'

    Applications, cancellation notices, terminal placement contracts and all other forms needed to write deals along with how and why we use them.

  • Terminal & Equipment Training

    We’ll tell you the 2 terminals that we use with our terminal placement program as well as instruction on which internet gateways and POS equipment to sell. Our terminal placement program is one of the keys to maximizing revenue.

MODULE 3 - "Swipe" File Marketing

Here we give you the blueprint swipe files used to dominate our marketplace. These template forms will not only save you time but will catapult your efficiency into the next level of success.

This is the fun part of your sales positioning and is THE crucial part where most people fail. Here, you go against the grain of traditional thinking to make yourself stand out in the eyes of your prospects and achieve premium pricing without resistance.

In module 3 you’ll get access to:

  • Email & Letter Files

    You’ll get access to every email, sales letter, direct mail piece with instruction on how to send them out and when to use them.

  • Video Testimonial Templates

    Testimonials can add immeasurable value to your marketing toolbox and we’ll give you our template on how to do it including the script and instruction on how to produce it.

  • Media Kit & Welcome Packets

    Features and benefits flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials to use in sales presentations.

  • Free Reports Library

    The entire collection of free reports we use in our marketing campaigns. All you have to do is plug in and use them. This is a perception of value strategy that works like a charm.

  • Lead Management System

    One of the keys to success is the ability to be organized.  Our lead management system along with the template emails allows you to do easily correspond with your clients month after month.

  • Customer Relationship Calendar

    This system is something that very few people use in the merchant services industry. This is absolutely essential in getting and keeping your clients.

MODULE 4 - Fast Start Outline

The fast start module ties back into the first. The number one rule to remember is that having all the tools in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t take action.

Here’s we lay out your income goals and strategy on how to achieve your intended result.

  • Market Focus

    You’ll get suggestions and ideas on target markets that have worked (and continue to work) for us.  We’ll share our list of industries that are proven to yield higher than average returns.

  • Income Strategy

    Our income goal worksheet is a surprisingly simple approach to making the money you desire. We’ll analyze lifetime value of a customer in relation to work effort and save the sheet as a reference to your progress.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

    Direct mail does still work and we show you how to deploy low quantity campaigns that generate fantastic results. The campaigns you’ll get in the fast start module are designed to get your first 10 deals closed as quick as possible.

The 6 week interactive training class is a one-on-one coaching program where you are assigned a mentor who works with you to ensure your success.  You will have weekly calls and unlimited personal access to your coach during the 6 week class.

If you're serious and ready for a change, all you need to do is apply by filling out the application form and you'll be contacted with the next action steps.

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